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In this world modern communication allows people to interact directly with people from all over the world, creating a more global society.

The other side of the globe is not miles away anymore, it is at the fingertips.

We live in a hyper high-tech environment of communication networks, where ideas and information are transmitted to billions of people around the world simultaneously and instantaneously.

Although this information and communication technology seemed to brought the world together, we still somehow more disconnected than before when we shift our focus from the human communication with the people next to us to the virtual communication with the rest of the world.


of the world population have access to the Internet


of Internet users have smartphone


of the world population are using social media actively


of our daytime is spent on social media

We are

We are non-governmental and a not-for-profit organisation based in Stockholm, Sweden.

We strive to add a value to our communities.

As a non-for-profit organisation we are not driven by money and the real value of our work is the impact we leave on our societies.

Our mission


We aim to help the refugees, newcomers, expats and socially excluded and disadvantaged groups to improve their situation through the use of technology and IT.


We strive to use Information and Communication Technologies to facilitate the involvement and integration in society.


We educate children and youth in ICT.


We help by using ICT to connect people from different backgrounds and to bridge the gap between different social classes.

What we do

Our Work

Connected World works in the field of new technology an innovation to create platforms for locals and new comers to connect and get engaged in their societies.

We invent and adopt the existing theology to facilitate and speed up the integration process.

We educate and train people in the field of ICT and related fields to enhance people chances in finding jobs, starting small businesses and improve their life circumstances.

We offer consultancy and support for civil society movements and organisations who share us the same vision and goals.

Our Projects


Share4Advcie is free app serving as a platform for locals and new comers to get connected and for anyone who wants to get engaged to help in answering other’s questions.

We aim through Share4advice to help locals and expats to get engaged and at the same time to help the local authorities by reducing the amount of the repeated questions they get from the public.

See more here: www.share4advice.com


Connected World organise and supervise seminars and workshops for young people (Students, job seekers and people changing careers).

Our mainly focus now is to help people to get familiar with the ICT world from basic PC function level to advanced programming and developing.

We try to bridge the gap between the new graduates and the positions that required some experiences.

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Our organisation is open to all people who believe in the same values we believe in.

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